Frequently Asked Questions About TUAF Scholarship

Created Date: 28 Jan 2021 Updated Date: 28 Jan 2021 AEP Administrator

TUAF orientation questions

  1. Do we have online classes, since the students cannot travel yet.

Yes, if the number of students register is higher than 10, we will open the virtual course. Last semester, because of Covid-19, there have been 5 online courses offered for international students who can not study offline classes.


  1. Plan to work immersion

As every year we organize a work immersion for students from Laos and the Philippines, as this year, influenced by the Covid-19, the Advanced Education Program is in discussion with high schools in the Philippines to find out the most suitable the solution. We hope that we will give you the answer as soon as possible. 


  1. Whether TUAF scholarship offer 50% tuition fee waiver off for whole studying?

Yes, the scholarship offer a 50% tuition fee waiver off for the whole studying. Students need to ensure to maintain a good sense of study, not miss out of school more than the prescribed number of sessions. A 50% scholarship is a 50% discount on tuition fees (students also pay $ 438 instead of $ 875- full) and free 4-person standard dormitory, fully equipped with study desk, bed, cupboard, heater throughout 4 school year at TUAF  


Tel: 0208. 350. 9999 (hotline) / 0974108156 (Ms. Huyen)
Address:  Administrative area B, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, Mo Bach Road, Thai Nguyen City