Policies and Regulations

Created Date: 17 Oct 2018 Updated Date: 17 Oct 2018 AEP Administrator

This regulation is for international students of Advanced Education Program at TUAF. For all Vietnamese students, please visit  for specilized regulations.

Article 3. Admission

Article 5. Time schedule and training plan

Article 10. Subject enrolment

Article 11. Withdrawal from registered subjects

Article 12. Retake subjects

Article 13. Student exchange

Article 14. Sick leave

Article 15. Year of study and study performance classification

Article 16. Temporarily leave

Article 17. English and informatics conditions, academic warning and drop out

Article 18. Handling of rule violation

Article 19. Academic assessment

Article 20. Organizing the final exam

Article 21. Types of final exam

Article 23. Calculation of component grades and course grade

Article 24. Calculation of the grade point average (GPA)

Article 25. Penalties for violating exam rules

Article 26. Conduct of graduation internship

Article 27. Assessment of graduation thesis

Article 28. Graduation eligibility

Article 29. Regulations for graduation approval