Checking research project progress 2019 & research proposals for 2020

16 Aug 2019 AEP Administrator

A conference will be held to check the progress of the research projects in 2019 from August 25th-30th, 2019. To implement the conference and make sure the projects are implemented properly, project managers are required to submit the PROJECT PROGRESS REPORT and EVIDENCE DOCUMENTS before June 30, 2019 to AEP Office (see Ms. Luong / Mr. Thanh) or via email

Research capacity is an important criterion for students, having good research capacity will bring more career opportunities for students after graduation.

  • Opportunity to apply for postgraduate scholarships.
  • Working opportunities at national and international research institutes.
  • Working opportunities in research projects of national and international governments, non-governmental organizations.

Therefore, AEP office continues to promote the implementation of scientific research projects to enable students to practice research skills soon under the guidance of their teachers.

The Office encourages 2nd- to 4th-year students who have research ideas apply for funding to carry-out research projects as below:

Funding source: AEP’s funding for scientific research

Value: VND 5 million / project


  • Number of participants: maximum 5 students / project
  • Duration: maximum 12 months
  • Product: 01 scientific article published in a domestic scientific journal.


Students fill the application form (download) and submit it to the email address before 17:00 on August 25, 2019.

AEP office will select projects with high scientific content and feasibility to finance implementation.

Note: For projects that have not been supervised by a teacher, AEP office will assist in finding a supervisor.