Call for scholarship

08 Nov 2019 AEP Administrator

Dear students,

We are happy to announce a call from the Hochschule Osnabrück University of applied sciences.
Under the memorandum of the agreement between TUAF and Hochschule Osnabrück University, this
the second one is gonna offer one scholarship for a Vietnamese student of TUAF.
The candidate must do its interchange in the next semester (starting from March 2020). The candidate
will also have the opportunity to stay in the University dormitory during its studying period.
All the courses of the Hochschule Osnabrück University are taught in the English language and the candidate
will be free to choose among the courses which are more of his interest. The hosting University will also
offer a free German language course.
As you know, communication is a fundamental skill, in this case, it is referred to the proficiency in the
English language.
Indeed, the selection criterion for the candidates is reserved to the Hochschule Osnabrück University
which, in accord with the International office of TUAF, will be a Skype interview where the student’s
interest, knowledge and communication skills will be assessed.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please register by email