Job Opportunities

09 Dec 2019 AEP Administrator

Based in Kuala Lumpur, we serve corporate clients across Asia by driving value creation and solving mission-critical problems across various domains and industries. You will gain well-rounded exposure in multiple disciplines in a modern and agile working environment, including Financial Product Engineering, Data Management, and various Delivery functions. You will be guided throughout your journey and provided with tailored coaching and mentoring by our senior leadership team.

The key principles of our team:

• Collaboration – we foster a collaborative, inclusive culture.

• Diversity – we believe there is strength in diversity and welcome people from all walks of life.

• Integrity and sustainability – we adhere to high ethical standards and believe it sustains our success.

• Innovation – we are committed to innovation and our company values the best ideas.

• Career development – access to a diverse portfolio of businesses and clients across Asia and be part of an international network.

What you will do:

• Communicate and interface with various stakeholders in business across a range of functions.

• Learn to apply a broad range of problem-solving techniques adeptly and facilitate effective approaches and solutions to issues across a variety of domains from Law to Medicine, Technology, and Statistics.

• Participate in a culture of continuous transformation that will keep the organization agile and "best in class".

What we are looking for:

• Excellent academic degree at Graduate or Post-Graduate level

• Professional experience with up to a maximum of 2 years’ experience are encouraged to apply

• We especially encourage interdisciplinary knowledge.

Individuals with any of the combination of the following qualifications to apply:

• Medical Sciences / Biomedical / Medicine

• Engineering (Civil, Industrial, Mechanical, Material Science, Environmental, Energy, etc.) and Architecture or Urban Planning

• Law

• Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics or Mathematics

• Accounting, Actuarial, Business Management

• Mathematics, Statistics

• General Sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology

• Economics

• Arts and humanities, Philosophy, International Business Relations, Modern Languages, Psychology

Applications close on 31 Jan 2020 Application Procedures If you are returning Malaysian and someone who enjoy the pursuit of challenges, who is open to a non-traditional role and unconventional environment, self-motivated, and who has the desire to contribute beyond self, then send us your CV and a cover letter at