06 Apr 2023 AEP Administrator

AEP welcomes you to register to participate in activities and open booths at the international cultural festival.


Saturday, April 22, 2023, from 16:00 to 19:00


Front yard of central building – Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry

3/ Target customers

All students, staff, lecturers of NTU, students, students and interested people in Thai Nguyen city are interested

4/ Objectives:

The festival is an attractive cultural space for 2,000 turns of students, staff, local businesses, and local businesses to have the opportunity to experience a diverse experience environment with the presence of many cultures. different regions and countries around the world. Here you can experience and enjoy fun, unique food and music, traditional and modern values mixed throughout the festival.

5/ Specific content

5.1 Food stalls

Where the culinary quintessence of countries in the world and regions convergence. Not only can you enjoy the unique traditional flavors, but each dish also contains a very attractive and special story. Students are allowed to introduce culinary products to customers through a fee-based business model.

- Goods (recommended): fast food, drinks, local and regional specialties

- Requirements: You will register by group of countries - each group of countries will be arranged 1 tent, in the tent there is a table with chairs available.

5.2. Fashion show
Each country and region has its own traditional costumes containing distinct characteristics, representing the country, people, history and culture of the  nation, homeland.  Fashion Show  will bring a special fashion catwalk featuring 1-0-2 with a variety of costumes with different styles, colors, and materials that converge and create a "living museum" of value. culture and history. The stage director will guide the students on how to perform.

- Requirements: each group appoints 1 pair of students (male-female) to prepare traditional national costumes.

5.3. Music exchange
The festival will bring talented performances and promises to "burn up" the stage with an exciting atmosphere. Talented and confident students are sure to deliver impressive performances.

- Requirements: each faculty appoints at least 2 performances to participate in cultural exchanges, with priority given to exciting dance and singing performances. The content of modern dance performance includes: Rap, Hiphop (new school, breakdance, newstyle, street dance...), Poping... on the background of music in the form of a dance troupe; with healthy content, on the list permitted for circulation by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The repertoire must have appropriate movements, understandable language, suitable with the selected background music content, showing the collective character. The maximum time for each exchange performance is to be presented for a minimum of 04 minutes and a maximum of 06 minutes. The units will be responsible for their own music and the team's representative will position the speakers to coordinate the adjustment of the beginning and the end of the music.

5.4 Mini Games

Unique games from different regions, traditional folk games, fun games with prizes.

The Board of Directors really needs your opinions on interesting games to organize during the festival

* Note: Each country group appoints 1 Leader. The Leader is responsible for registering team members with information about the contests, comments about the mini game   According to the Link:

6. Preparation:

Registration period: before April 12, 2023

April 19, 2023 (Wednesday): Browse the repertoire.

April 22, 2023 (Saturday):

- Morning 8:00 - 11:00:  Set up the stage, prepare the ingredients and decorate the booth. Music performance.

- Afternoon: 15:00 -16:00: Final rehearsal

- Afternoon: 16:00-19:00: Program time

For more information about the international cultural festival, please contact:

-0373002229 (Ms Linh)

- 0987927980 (Ms Giang)