Agricultural Economics Program provides students with a solid knowledge base in economics, finance, trade, and management in the agricultural and agribusiness sector; At the same time equips students with thinking and analytical tools to be able to independently solve problems in a constantly changing world.

Graduated students of Agricultural Economics Program master the basic knowledge of socio-economy in general and in-depth knowledge of agricultural economics; Have knowledge of analysis, policy making and economic issue solving in different fields, different levels of agriculture and rural areas, as well as other relerated fields.

Furthermore, graduates from the Advanced Education Program also have outstanding English competencies as the curriculum is taught entirely in English; have the opportunity to study in an international environment with students from countries such as Australia, France, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia ...; have chances to take graduation internship abroad.

The contingent of teachers of the Advanced Education Program in Science and Environmental Management is trained abroad, with master and doctoral degrees, good expertise and foreign languages. About 30% of lecturers participating in the program are professors and doctors from universities around the world such as the US, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

Job opportunities

1) Students graduated from Advanced Education Program in Agricultural Economics can work in different fields such as:

2) Agricultural finance (agricultural loan analyst, financial planner, and credit and loan analyst).

3) Agricultural product business management (business administration, agricultural trade, professional sales management).

4) Farm management (farm director, communication specialist and farmer consultant).

5) Food management and marketing (food business, retail management, production management, brand management).

6) Business and marketing (professional sales representative, marketing director of agricultural products).

7) Agricultural policy analysis and food security (policy consultants, extension workers).

8) Quantitative analysis (academic research analyst, market research specialist).

Program Summary

• Duration of study: 4.5 years (in which 1 year for English preparation)

• Starting time of the school year: August 2019

• Training program:  Full-time undergraduate

• Credit: 120 credits (credits accumulated during short-term study and exchange abroad will be converted equivalent)

• Location of study and graduation internship: in Vietnam AND / OR abroad (learner’s option).


Enrollment requirements

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