Experience in Sriwijaya, Indonesia

22 May 2020 AEP Administrator

In the fifth semester of the Advanced Education Program, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, Pham Ha Luong had the opportunity to study and exchange for five months at Sriwijaya School, Indonesia. In there, she had many new experiences about daily life as well as learning methods.


Regarding learning, Sriwijaya school courses also have Agribusiness, the curriculum structure is quite similar to agricultural economics. Over the course of study, exchange students will take a private class without taking classes with native students, so many subjects will have only one teacher and one student. Students have a lot of practice, most subjects have field trips, factory visits, or laboratory works.


About living conditions. The dormitory is divided into male and female dormitories. This term she was arranged in the latest women's dormitory, she said 'the living conditions here are pretty good'. It was in the dry season and forest fire happened a lot, so the air quality was very poor. Therefore, Students should exchange in the second semester of the school year since it is the time of the rainy season in Indonesia, the weather conditions will be better for our health.


Sriwijaya School is large and many activities are organized right on campus such as dart, rock climbing, theater performances... but have fewer extracurricular activities outside the campus for international students and indigenous students to exchange. However, the exchange students as well as the student exchange club are friendly and sociable so there will be many beautiful memories for exchange students at Sriwijaya School.