Student voice: Feeling of AEP student studying in Canada on a SEED full scholarship

22 May 2020 AEP Administrator

My name is Tran Dai Hiep, student of class 47 - Advanced Education Program - Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry; major in Environmental Science and Management. I had the opportunity to study and experience in the country of maple leaves - Canada. I would like to thank Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang - Coordinator of Planning and International Cooperation Department, Office of Information Technology Office for her enthusiastic help to complete the application dossier for SEED student exchange scholarship of the Canadian government.


After arriving in Canada, the first thing I was most impressed with was the warm welcome from everyone here. My instructor – supervisor and my host who went directly to the airport to meet us. When I arrived, it was very cold at night. But after that, I got used to the climate here. I also had the opportunity to admire the wonderful scenery in the autumn, the maple leaves stand out in the blue sky, in the winter, I have watched the snow and molded the snowmen. A special climate here is that in the winter when it is sunny, I will feel colder than when it is snowing.


In Canada, I have to study and do research at Saskatchewan University for 4 months, so I have to work harder than other students. At first, going to class in the classroom was a bit strange because of the change in the way of learning, the teachers spoke English quite quickly, so if it is not possible to take notes, it will be difficult to do homework. But then I got used to this method of learning. In addition, students need to self-study and self-read the curriculum materials to take the quiz on the school's website. Each student was given an individual account to access lectures, submit assignments, and take quiz, test scores are also updated on it. Students are encouraged to ask questions related to lectures in the classroom to increase interaction between teachers and students. In addition, the subject in the lab, students were experimented in groups to increase the ability to work in groups more effectively, teachers will be the instructors.


During the time of doing research, my supervisor taught me a lot of guidance, from the basic details needed in a research thesis to how to do research. I am truly grateful.


Besides the time to go to class, I also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities organized by the department, the international student office of the school. Such as decorating a pumpkin for Halloween, collecting food and drinks for the homeless, attending an agricultural expo in the Regina city, the capital of Saskatchewan, etc. welcoming big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, experiencing new things here like skating on the natural outdoor ice rink or eating big turkeys.


4 months in the country of maple leaves is not long but not short. It was a beautiful and memorable time in my life. I have gained new experiences and made more friends. Thank my parents, teachers, siblings, and friends so much for being with me all this time.