TOP 10 AEP's EVENTS 2020

10 Jan 2021 AEP Administrator

Overcoming the difficulties in the context of COVID-19 raging, AEP always strives to teach and organize events with the desire to convey messages to students, write their names on the map with many imprints. Not only the numbers and milestones but the year 2020 with  Advanced Education Program in general and Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, in particular, are also unforgettable emotional marks.

1, Launching and Signing Ceremony of DAAD-TUAF in-country/in-region scholarship program for Master of Environmental Science

In the framework of the cooperation program between the University of Agriculture and Forestry (NLU), Thai Nguyen University and the German Academic Exchange Agency, VNUHN announced the selection of candidates for the DAAD-TUAF Master Scholarship program. German Academy of Academic Exchange, DAAD, fully funded in 2021

- Purpose: Support activities and human resource development training, equip students with skills to become people with organizational and personal capabilities to become leaders in the future. through providing candidates with a master's scholarship at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry;

2, First Prize of Scientific Research competition - EURE’KA and Third Prize of Vifotech fund.  

Scientific research activities have always been focused on the school's education. In the past school year, the CTTT office is implementing 03 school-level scientific research projects for students. Including the work "Research on the process of extracting total polysaccharides from Sam Xuyen Da tree and assessing beneficial biological activity" by the authors Cao Hong Le, Le Thu Thuy and Le Thi Thu Hien - K48 CNTP participates in the EURÉKA scientific research competition and excellently won the first prize in the final round held in the city. Ho Chi Minh. This study also excelled at winning the Third Prize in the "National Science Student Research Competition".

3, Second Prize of “Vietnamese Teacher’s day November 20” performance competition.

Besides learning activities, CTTT always encourages students to participate actively in union activities. In the performance contest to celebrate "Vietnam Teachers Day 20/11" with the song "Pride from Nong Lam School" - composed by friend Giang A Hieu k52 CTTT and the dance repertoire "Gam hoa", CTTT excelled. won the second prize in the whole group.

4, The initiative “Waste Conversion Farm” ranked the Top 16 Start-up initiative of Thai Nguyen province.

 "Waste Conversion Farm" is a farm model set up by CTTT students with the desire for them to both learn about environmental protection, recycle and practice at the farm. This unique idea and conveying the message of environmental protection has entered the Top 16 "Startup ideas" competitions at Thai Nguyen province level.

5, First prize of Rhetoric part in Student’s English Contest - Start Awards 2020

On July 18, at Thai Nguyen University, the Cluster Final contest, Thai Nguyen area, and English contest for Star Awards students 2020 took place with the theme "Technovation - innovation, science, and technology". The representatives of Nong Lam University have 3 students who are students of the advanced program, including Pham Huong Que, Vu Thu Tra, Bui Thu Uyen. You guys performed very well and won the "Best Speech Contest" award.

6, The initiative “NOLA Flea Market” got the first prize in TUAF’s Start-up Competition

The "NOLA Flea Market" model is a model that is not only based on a profitable business goal but also an opportunity for people to deal with unused items, make charity, exchange items, and match up. Meeting people, forming a good place for local people and tourists to play and play. Therefore, this really both brings environmental, social, and cultural values ​​and promotes humanity.

7, "Work Immersion" program for international students

This is the High School Internship Program: preparing international students for the classroom. The transition from student to student is a major turning point for anyone. That is why real-world work experience is so important for students to see what they are going to do in the field in which they are studying. As well as making the most accurate decision with your academic and working career. The 80-hour program really left many beautiful memories for the Filipino high school students and the CTTT staff.


8, Implemented “Zero Waste Campus” program at high schools in Thai Nguyen province

Project "Zero Waste Campus" - Waste-free schools are projects that change the vision and attitudes for young people in protecting the environment, creating initiatives to use recyclables, bringing a green living environment. The project was kicked off at high schools in Thai Nguyen province

9, The first prize for the Nong Lam dance.

The students of CTTT excellently won first prize in the contest "Nong Lam Jump" organized by Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

10, Tran Phuong Dong – K51 got into the national round of “Campaign to study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example

 Student Tran Phuong Dong - K51 The only advanced student program of Thai Nguyen University entered the Top 30 national finals of the contest "Youth learn and follow their ideals, morals, and from Ho Chi Minh ”by 2020 in Hanoi.