"Under and Beyond" Art Exhibition

19 Mar 2021 AEP Administrator

Violence - in general, and gender-based violence - in particular, affects everyone in every space and stage of life. It is a popular and widely discussed issue, yet still there exists obscure (mờ), forbidden areas that are rarely discussed in depth but are crucial in comprehending violence like sex, the body, or the under-the-surface layers of violence that are often invisible to the naked eyes. What was thought to be clear (tỏ) turns out to be not; what was supposed to be affection, in fact, is abuse; what was expected to be loved becomes imposition; what was hoped to be care turns out to be graceless insults; what was believed to prevent violence eventually induces more of it…

At “Khi Mờ Khi Tỏ” / "Under and Beyond” – a visual exhibition about the culture of violence by a number of artists and art practitioners in Vietnam, we will walk through a multitude of both familiar stories – events that anyone could have experienced and deeply personal, sometimes troubling experiences that are never seen, often repressed or obscured by fears and prejudices. Being represented in the artworks will be topics that are both familiar and unfamiliar like body shaming, victim-blaming, objectification, sex, the gaze, and trauma.

Through the lenses of former victims of violence, confidants or observers, presented before you will be the experiences of physical and mental injuries as well as the emotional journeys of healing and self-exploration – to discover one’s true self and one’s own way to deal with violence.

By diverse individual artistic languages, the exhibition does not aim to provide a macro perspective of violence, but rather, a non-exhaustive collection of little flutters, fleeting moments, and familiar emotions in the lives of many ordinary people, in order to somehow unravel the complex layers of violence and open up intimate conversations about (non) violence, love, and freedom.


With the participation of:

1️⃣ “Building a House” // Mixed-Media Installation // Dinh Nhung, Luu An, Tom and

participants in Thai Nguyen University

2️⃣ “Novelty Fruits” // Mixed-Media Installation // Nguyen Bang Giang & Bui Duy Thanh Mai

3️⃣ “The Look” // Interactive Video // Jo & Pham Khac Thang

4️⃣ “Under the Cover” & “Four-Legged Good, Two-Legged Bad!” // Watercolor on A3-sized

paper // Luis Miguel Jorge Bernardio

5️⃣ “For Love Not To Be Misguided” // Photos and Stories // Colourless Eyes

6️⃣ “The Mask”// Digital Print of Mixed Media Painting on A0 Canvas // Lucy Alexandra


7️⃣ Documentation of “What Were You Wearing?” exhibition // Mixed-Media Installation //

Curated by Dinh Thao Linh with permission from Mrs. Jen Brockman – Director of

Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center, Kansas University


Opening hours: 9h00 – 20h00, from March 21 to March 30, 2021

Location: Building B, School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University


? Organized by:

Thai Nguyen University

Center for Education Promotion and Empowerment of Women (CEPEW)

? Funded by:

Canada Funds for Local Initiatives (CFLI)

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi