Le Thi Thu Thao - Master Student, 2021 Cohort

15 Sep 2021 AEP Administrator

Hello everyone, I'm Thao, a student studying a master's program at AEP and I'm receiving full support from DAAD-TUAF Master Scholarship Program.

Let's talk a little bit about myself, I am an alumnus of the advanced education program of TUAF. I graduated from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2020, my major is Environmental Science and Management.  Going back to a time when I was in university, I cherished the hope of studying for a master's degree in another country with the desire to experience and gain more knowledge and culture of a new country. After completing my 4 years of university, I spent time searching for scholarships such as Hungarian government scholarships, Korean professors' scholarships, but I guess I'm not very suitable so I don't have the opportunity to apply for these scholarships. Coincidentally and fortunately, at that time, the DAAD-TUAF Master Scholarship Program opened and through the advice of the staff on the AEP office, I chose to apply for this scholarship.

With enthusiastic help from Mrs. Huyen and the officer of AEP, I successfully applied for the scholarship, after 3 qualifying rounds, I received the "PASS" result from DAAD in Germany. I cannot believe that I have won this scholarship because it is really valuable, especially when the Covid epidemic is happening very seriously and flying to other countries is risky.

It is difficult to ignore the DAAD-TUAF Master Scholarship Program because it is supported by a very famous organization in Germany, It is a full scholarship, and is supported by a lot of financial support from DAAD such as monthly money, research money, insurance money, airfare, especially money to buy online learning equipment due to the COVID epidemic and Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry also support as a VIP dormitory for students, besides, scholarship students will have 6 months to do research in Germany, which I always wanted when studying for a master's degree.

To sum up, This is a high-value scholarship for one who want to study deeper about Environment science and it will beautify your CV later on. Hope everyone will be interested and apply it. If you need help or have any questions, please contact me. I'm happy to answer ^^