Ly Tien Loi - Master Student, 2021 Cohort

15 Sep 2021 AEP Administrator

Hi everyone. My name is LY TIEN LOI.(25 year old ).I come from Bac kan province in the northern of Viet Nam and the region is far from Thai Nguyen 80 km

 I am so happy to be a student of DAAD-TUAF program. Which is program of  Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry – TUAF. The university  is in the top 10 universities in Vietnam. Luckily for me since 2015 I became a student of University of Agriculture and Forestry and now I continued to study Master in univsersity in 20221.

In the university, the quality of teaching is very good. The teachers are very enthusiastic and caring. The teaching staff includes many masters and doctors who have studied abroad, providing students with good and useful knowledge. In addition, the activities of Union-Associations, groups, and clubs are very developed and dynamic. Clubs and youth movements are very rewarding and interesting. This is a school worth studying. furthermore this The environment is fresh and clean with a huge campus it can help students reduce stress after the hard-working time of study

The time study at TUAF is a great time of my life. TUAF. Where I have much memory with my friend in class with many activities in side and outside ( on the field) which bring to me a lot of experience. Besides Teachers in TUAF really friendly with all students, who not only give academic knowledge, in addition, they will share to you the life experience. In the class they are lecturers but after the class, they can be your friends, the second family. the lecturer is always ready to help and support you every time if they can do. In the time apply scholarship DAAD-TUAF. I receive any support from teachers and officers of TUAF, Thank you so much for that

The decision to study at TUAF is the great choice of my life where I have the opportunity to study in an international environment with a lot of foreign students from Southeast Asia, Germany, Korea, Japan, Nigeria .... furthermore, I have chances to study abroad in many countries as an exchange student. it was an experience I never forgot in my life

The message to new candidates 2022: welcome to TUAF. I hope you have a wonderful time when you study at the university. TUAF can offer you much more than academic knowledge in the classroom. Work hard and actively participate in activities it will make your university life more wonderful

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