22 Nov 2022 AEP Administrator

Congratulations Phongsavanh KHOUNSOMBATH - Environmental Science and Management K51

He is a student from Laos. In studies he is a hard worker and a good student. In extracurricular activities, he actively participates in activities with enthusiasm. Phongsavanh is a typical face among Lao students who come to Vietnam to study. In the last school year 2021-2022, he got SILVER AWARDS  in K51. Let's listen to him share his experience as well as talk about his feelings when receiving the award.

Xin chao, AEP! My name is Phongsavanh KHOUNSOMBATH. I am a Laotian student, majoring in Environmental Science and Management K51. I am truly grateful for getting the silver award, A.Y. 2021-2022. That is why, I would like to thank everyone who believed in me. Now, I will share my journey with you.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have studied English language only for 4 months. That is why, it was very hard for me to study in the Advanced Education Program which use English as its learning medium. Moreover, I previously don’t have the interest and drive to learn this language, especially when it came to reading books. I almost stopped to study in the first semester because it was a really difficult and challenging time for me, but fortunately, I would like to extend my utmost thanks for the people who gave me the encouragement to continue and to keep improving no matter what. Finally, I’ve got a total GPA of 3.07 at my first year.

When second year arrived, I have discovered how to overcome my difficulties. In every class, I took notes for every word that I didn’t understand and ask the teachers about it, then, afterwards I study it on my own to learn more because I believe that if you want to get better, you need to work harder to improve yourself. Learning English can not only be limited inside the classrooms, but it can also be through your hobbies and interests, such as listening to music, watching movies, and playing online games. As a result, I received 3.79 which got me this silver award.

The opportunities are endless as I am grateful to have the honor to be a representative of the international students in the bachelor’s degree for the DAAD scholarship in Germany. I believe that “success comes from experience and experience comes from failure. If you’re not successful yet, then maybe you haven’t failed enough. Keep going and eventually, you’ll be successful”.

Thank you for giving your time to read my journey. I hope this becomes an encouragement for you to achieve your goals and dreams. Have a nice day everyone.