31 Jul 2023 AEP Administrator

Important announcement for AEP students who are passionate about research and aspire to enhance their expertise in Indonesia! Padjadjaran University proudly presents an exciting Master's scholarship program tailored just for you!


The total value of the scholarship is up to 15,000 USD (equivalent to 225,000,000 IDR) – an invaluable opportunity for you to pursue your dreams of studying and conducting research in a top-notch university environment.

The annual tuition fee support is approximately 30 million IDR for the entire 2-year duration, relieving the financial burden and allowing you to focus on your studies wholeheartedly.

Moreover, you will be provided with health insurance and a short-term residence permit throughout your study period at Padjadjaran University, ensuring your peace of mind and seamless academic experience.


A translated and notarized copy of your undergraduate diploma in English, enabling us to assess your academic qualifications accurately.

English proficiency certificates such as TOEIC 440 or IELTS 5.0 and above, a necessary criterion to ensure your ability to study and conduct research effectively at the university.

Two recommendation letters from faculty members, providing an opportunity for you to showcase your academic potential and research capabilities.

Curriculum vitae (CV), giving us a better understanding of your educational background and achievements.

Waste no time and apply now by accessing the link below and filling out the registration information: ? Application link:

For more detailed information, please visit the official website of Padjadjaran University:

? This is indeed a fantastic learning opportunity for AEP students filled with passion and talent. Don't let any chance slip away; prepare your application documents and submit them today!