07 Aug 2023 AEP Administrator

Congratulations to the 12 graduate students specializing in Environmental Science of the 2021-2023 academic year at CTTT (Nong Lam University)
 To evaluate the learning and research results of the students after two years of studying at the university, on August 2, 2023, the Advanced Program organized a master thesis defense ceremony for the 12 graduate students specializing in Environmental Science and Management. 
 Especially, the presence of Associate Professor Arinafril from Sriwijaya University and Dr. Nikki Heherson Aldea Dagamac from Santo Tomas University, Philippines made the ceremony more special. 
 The master thesis is a work that records the learning and research efforts of graduate students. It is hoped that with the knowledge and skills they have acquired, the students can apply them better to their work and make more contributions to the development of science and technology in the country.
 It is known that AEP will continue to enroll Master's degree students in Environmental Science and Biotechnology in 2023. 
 For more information and guidance on the admission process, please visit the website