John Maverick De Leon achieves a full scholarship for his Master's degree!

17 Aug 2023 AEP Administrator

Congratulations to John Maverick De Leon, a former student of the Environmental Management program, Batch K45, for achieving a full scholarship for his Master's degree through the collaboration of DOST-SEI and UALBERTA. 

This is truly a proud accomplishment for John Maverick De Leon as well as the AEP family. This achievement will undoubtedly serve as a significant source of inspiration for all AEP students, encouraging them to strive for better academic achievements and the opportunity to secure scholarships. It is hoped that this will be a driving force motivating AEP students to put in even greater efforts. 

 Congratulations, John Maverick De Leon!  Wishing you success in your educational journey in Canada and in your future endeavors.