Experiencing Vietnam!

20 Apr 2016 AEP Administrator

Experiencing Vietnam!

I believe that we are not labeled according to our choices, but instead we are defined by the reasons we have behind every decision. By this time last year, I didn’t pictured myself to be studying abroad, travelling from country to country, and experiencing life with its complications, and simplest satisfactions. Honestly, I dreamed of being a well-respected, and a credible news reporter back then, but I guess, I am made for even more, studying a faction of knowledge, that can be applied to our environment, and eventually to the world.

I am currently a Sophomore, studying here at Thai Nguyen University, University of Agriculture and Forestry, with the course BS Environmental Science and Management under the university’s well-acclaimed Advanced Education Program. Yes, I am a Filipino, and with that truth I am even more passionate to not only make my family proud, but most especially to tell everyone that Filipinos are not only dream chasers, but hardworkers to make that aspiration be a reality.   

This coming April 23 will mark our 8th month here in Vietnam. Our schoolyear is close to an end, and I would admit that our journey which started last August 2015, is not a walk in the park. We have been into struggles that completely changed our perspectives, beliefs, and choices. Life enabled us to see the complications and obstacles, that paved the way for us to believe on ourselves more, to be tough and sturdy when everything were falling apart, and to be independent with confidence on our own decisions. We believe that we are not here to be only in this far, but to go even farther.

This university witnessed our downfall, and growth as a person, and as a pupil. I would say that the Vietnamese people are really kindhearted, and thoughtful at some point. The delicacies we’ve tasted are superb, and mouth-watering, it may be kinda strange at first, but eventually you will be able to appreciate everything when you are used to it. Vietnam’s culture is as vivid as the colors of the Earth. Everyday, while going to school, or even having a stroll outside the university, you’ll be seeing someone wearing ao-dai, and the iconic “Conical Hat” of this country. We also enjoy the winter season, as far as I know, the temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius, that we Filipino enjoyed, because we do not have this kind of season in our country.

With these experiences, I learned that passion, your inspiration, and your goal will be the greatest reasons for you to stay and endure the struggles and laughter in this training ground. Always be fueled by your faith, and the promise that a good future awaits you, because you are made with His purpose. 

Jose Luis Emmanuel Y. Chavez