Internship in the United States, opportunities and challenges

28 Jun 2016 AEP Administrator

My name is Khuong Nam Thai, I am a former student of K42-AEP, TUAF. I joined an internship program in golf field in the United States. I just came back after 12 months of this internship, a memorable time with a lot of difficulties and challenges which I have passed. I want to share with you the reason why I joined the training program in the USA, and the knowledge and valuable experience which I gained from this program. I hope I can help you understand clearly not only about the program but also the destination of your future.

I was very honor and lucky when I was one of the first people who were chosen to join the training course in professional golf in the USA. After finishing all necessary profiles and procedures, I got a chance to visit Dam Vac golf in Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc province. Although I just have a short time to discuss with the director of Dam Vac golf, I could not forget what he told me “ I am ready to train all of you about the knowledge to take care, maintain, identify name grass in the golf or all types of worm and disease, but I need your good attitude and manners in work, also the leadership and communication skills which you can study in the USA through training program.

That sentence directly inspired me, I found what I was lacking at that time, it promoted me to go ahead, and put my goal to study in the USA and earn experience.

Although I prepared deeply the knowledge about golf and American culture. I was overwhelmed by the culture shock in a new environment.

When we talk about the United States, we often think of “the American dream”. The Government always promotes human rights, wisdom and talent. They always give chances for excellent people. My manager always treated everybody equally and he always reminded us: “Operating a golf course as a process and a system, every body played an important chain link in that process, when only a chain made wrong, it directly affected to the work results of that day”.

The second thing, I had to study everything from the simplest step of the first session. Everyday, I started working from 5.45AM in the morning. I needed to prepare all equipments of Course Setuper: Cup cutter, Tools and Paint and do all steps.

I continued this work everyday and I gained a lot of experiences and especially leader ship skills. The life lived far from home was difficulties and challenges with me. I had to change everything, I needed to wake up from 4-5 am to prepare the meals. But, I could get used to the habits, framework and also professional style of American, which I expected.

After 9 months of training program in Soutpointe Golf Club, I was expanded my contract for 3 months in another golf course in North Carolina states, in the habor city of Wilmington, Eaglr Point Golf Club. There, I studied new things about water systems and drainage systems, how to grow specific grass in this area.

When people asked me about my dream in the future. I told him  that “I want to improve my skills and my knowledge to apply them in Viet Nam”. I want to strive to become a successful manager as my previous manager, indicating that Vietnamese is not less intellectual, but we are in the development process. I want to contribute my knowledge in developing my own country. I hope this article would help you to image a part of my training work in golf course and prepare yourself for your future.


Nam Thai