AEP alumni being awarded YSEALI scholarship funded by The United States

16 Jul 2019 AEP Administrator

An alumni of K46 Advanced Education Program (AEP) has been awarded YSEALI scholarship 2019, a fully funded scholarship by the U.S. Department of State.

The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative is a public diplomacy program of the U.S. Department of States designed to advance regional strategic goals, break down barriers that separate the next generation of leaders in Southeast Asia, and link those emerging leaders to the United States. The YSEALI Academic Fellowship will bring exceptional young leaders from Southeast Asian countries to the United States in 5 weeks to further develop their professional and leadership skills.

Nguyen Minh Chau, an AEP K46 student who majored in Environmental Science and Management, is one of 16 excellent representatives in Vietnam who were honorably awarded the 2019 YSEALI scholarship for young leaders in the fall of 2019. The topics of this trip are on civic engagement, environmental issues, and social entrepreneurship and economic development.

All participant costs, including program administration, international and domestic travel and ground transportation, book, cultural, mailing and incidental allowances, housing and subsistence expenses will be paid for by the U.S. Department of State. The academic residency will include an educational study tour that will take participants to other parts of the United States where they will meet with local, state, private, and nonprofit organizations working in the field. In August 2019, Minh Chau is going to the Montana University for upcoming activities of the scholarship.

The campus of Montana University – the USA

Chau and friends at the Chianh Mai University – Thailand

To be awarded this precious scholarship, Vietnamese civilians, whose age ranges from 18 to 25, who are currently students or graduates from universities and colleges, need to have the abilities of leadership which have been exhibited during their study and their extracurricular activities. They also have to express their careness of the communities at where they live and work. Especially, they are required to possess a good set of English skills. The Advanced Education Program of the Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry has enthusiastically facilitated Minh Chau for obtaining those necessary traits and criteria.

Minh Chau (the 2nd person from the right), the representative of Vietnam participating in the Asian International Mobility for Students (AIMS)

During her time at the TUAF, Minh Chau achieved many considerable results in studying and extracurricular activities. In 2016, Minh Chau was honored to be one of the 4 students being selected for an exchange scholarship funded by the National Chung Hsing university, Taiwan. In the next year, Chau successfully applied for another exchange scholarship to Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Along with academic achievements, Chau was also an enthusiast in extracurricular activities of the University such as the Zero Waste Campus campaign, blood donation events, TUAF communication club, where Chau worked as one of the most active members.

Currently, Chau is working for the Technology Incubation and Startup Center at TUAF. The extraordinary achievements of Chau are promised to be the beacon for future student generations to strive and dedicate their effort and succeed their dreams.