Student voice: Door to the world

26 Dec 2019 AEP Administrator

Hello, My name is Tounaly Xayasene, I am from Laos. I’m a student from K45 AEP, Thai Nguyen University of  Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam.

My major is Environmental Science and Management. I participated in ASEAN International Mobility for Student Program (AIMS) at Sriwijaya University, Indonesia 2015. I conducted my final year project research under the supervision of  Dr. Hermansyah with Bioethanol Production from Cassava peels, Sriwijaya University 2017. I’m currently taking part in Get-paid Internship in Germany.

Studying and living in Vietnam has given my education and experience at an international level. It has made me more confident and knowledgeable. The period I studied here is one of the most important times in my whole life. Advance Education Program offers high-quality education, the course is based on the curriculum of UC Davis California. I had an opportunity to study in an international environment with students from many countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, France, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia. Moreover, I am very happy and enjoy classes with professors and doctors from universities around the world.  I improved my English skills a lot which is very important for me to understand the lecture and communicate with my classmates as well. The most unforgettable moment of my life here in Vietnam is having many friends from different cultures. I now have connections all over the world.