Dual studyes in Management (A.Y. 2020/2021)

29 Apr 2020 AEP Administrator

Dear Students,

The University authorities are pleased to inform you that in the 2020/2021 academic year we have a special offer for graduates of English-language studies.

We offer you free, full-time studies in the field of Management II, which will be implemented in a dual system. Classes will be implemented in English. Dual studies involve the implementation of part of the training program in the form of apprenticeships and professional internships for a total of 6 months at the employers'.

There are limit places! Dual studies are the best response to the needs of the labor market, i.e. an alternative form of recruiting employees by employers. For students, an internship in a company cooperating with the university is an opportunity to gain experience in the direction in which they are studying, and to acquire the necessary competences in professional work.

We offer two specialties:

  1. Public and non-governmental sector management Master
  2. E-business & company management Master

 Public and non-governmental sector management Master's studies in the specialization Management in the public and non-governmental sector allow to deepen the knowledge and skills needed to work in government and self-government administration at all levels, conducting business in the cultural sector, non-governmental organizations, associations and foundations. The graduate will have the skills to organize teamwork and lead teams, and to effectively communicate, negotiate and persuade. He is prepared to work in specialist positions in the management system, middle and senior managers, advisors and consultants in organizations of an economic or public nature, as well as to run his own business.

 E-business & company management Master's studies in the specialty e-business & company management provide the latest knowledge in the field of functioning of companies in the digital economy and develop the skills necessary to conduct business on the Internet. The studies are cross-sectional - they cover e-business and company management issues, taught in practical terms and the necessary theoretical foundation. The study program allows you to look at competing companies using the Internet from different perspectives: management, e-commerce and information technologies.


During internships and apprenticeships in companies, the student will receive a scholarship. 720 hours. An internship scholarship for a student will be around PLN 1,500. gross, paid during the internship (6 months). Classes begin - October 1, 2020. The studies last 4 semesters.


Apply numerous!