【Feng Chia University】2021 International Summer School

27 Jan 2021 AEP Administrator

ISS is Feng Chia University’s 3-weeks exchange program, offering to international students who want to study the Chinese language, Introduction of Marketing and Culture in Taiwan intensively.

It also offers transferable credit for its participants.

Students can take not only an academic course taught by English at Feng Chia University but also a Chinese language & culture learning with various activities and cultural trips. 

Assessment will take place throughout the classes and successful students will be awarded 3 credits (3 ECTS).  

It also offers an opportunity to make new friends around the world!!

It would mean a great deal to us if you can kindly disseminate information regarding this program to your university’s social media which serves similar purpose. Should you or your students have further inquiries regarding this program, please kindly contact Miya Yang at iss@mail.fcu.edu.tw or simply download the enclosed document. The Registration website is https://forms.gle/gdnT35RCpd6ZVaQv7