Frequently Asked Questions About DAAD-TUAF Scholarship

06 May 2021 AEP Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use another English certificate like TOEIC instead of IELTS?

Results of Test of English as a Foreign Language: TOEFL iBT result (80) or IELTS results (6.0). The TOEFL results must be issued by Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

2. Is it an annual scholarship?

Yes, the DAAD-TUAF scholarship which is opened every year, in October

3. Does the tuition fee include the bridging courses (seminar for people who are not backgrounded in Envi)?

Yes, For those whom receive the DAAD-TUAF scholarship, the scholarship will pay for the tuition fees of the bridging courses.

4. Do I need to prove my financial status?

For this scholarship, you do not need to submit financial status.

5. I come from Nigeria. I am studying at the TUAF. Am I eligible for the scholarship?

Unfortunately, the African students at TUAF are not eligible. Only students with the nationality of the mentioned southeast Asian countries are eligible in this program.

6. Do we need to pay back anything for DAAD after the scholarship ended?

For DAAD-TUAF scholarship candidates, you don't need to pay back anything for DAAD after finishing the course.

7. Which institutions will issue the degree?

Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry will give you a degree, in addition, you will also receive a certificate of receipt of a scholarship from DAAD.

8. Is there any maintaining grade for the Scholarship?

No, but recommend higher than 7.0 

9. Does everyone need to take IELTS including countries whose English considered their Second Language?

For countries where English is their Second language, a certificate of academic English such as IELTS or TOEFL iBT is still required.

10. For those who study Agricultural Economics and Food technology, could you explain more about the bridging program?

For each candidate, the transfer course will be different, as it will depend on your University subjects, what basic environmental subjects you lack, you will have to learn more of those subjects.

11. Is the bridging program before or after the application to take the master's degree in Environmental Science?

For those who receive the scholarship, you will be required to take a transfer course before the main course begins. Usually, the transfer course starts in June, and the main course starts in August.

12. After you graduate on the said degree is there any payback on the institution or the said program that offered the scholarship?

After graduating and receiving your degree, you do not need to pay any refunds to the study program.

13. Will the scholarship grant money for 2 years? Or are there any requirements for this scholarship to be maintained?

  The scholarship will pay you for the first year, after completing the first year, your results will be sent to the DAAD, for those with good academic records, and good training scores, you will maintain the scholarship to the 2nd year.

14. For travel allowance, what does In-region mean? ASEAN region?

This scholarship name is DAAD- TUAF IN-COUNTRY/IN-REGION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, in-region means the candidates from other countries/ other than Vietnam, and in-country means the holders who come from Vietnam. So for travel allowance, it only is provided for someone who lives outside Vietnam, it only for In-region scholarship holders. And for in-country, Vietnamese students have not received it.

15. Can we apply for a master's course in our final semester of degree?

First, you need to finish your undergraduate program, when you have the degree you can apply for the scholarship

16.  Does TF has individual scholarships for the same Masters?

Yes, we provide the other scholarships for Master programs, if you access the link of our website that will be the information on available scholarships, we also have our university’s scholarship for undergraduate and graduate program

17.  Is TUAF an accredited university?

Yes, it is a requirement for any partners in DAAD in-country/in-region scholarship program to be selected as a partner implement program.

18. Documents to TUAF and DAAD are same or different?

It is similar. However, the TUAF required an IELTS (TOEFL) certificate is optional.

19. Letter of admission for the TUAF university, what is this like miss?

Letter of admission will be issued by the University of Agriculture and Forestry as you pass the second selection, The university will send you the soft copy to submit to the DAAD portal

20. For the medical check-up, for Covid-19, Could it be just the rapid test (from a blood test) or it has to be a SWAB test (from the nose)?

The rapid test is accepted

21. Is there any professor that’s currently doing the research in Germany? And which universities in Germany become partners with TUAF related to this program?

Doing research in Germany regulated by the DAAD Germany will be done during the Master's course program therefore we can not provide any related information at the moment. Students can choose not only Greifswald university but also other German universities as an exchange destination. However, Greifswald is one of our great partners. 

22. How many students will be selected for this program? Is it different about the number of students selected between Vietnamese and other ASEAN students?

There are up to 40 students of which 30% of them are Vietnamese students. 

It is not any different from those in the admission selection of this scholarship 




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