05 May 2023 AEP Administrator

On April 27, 2023, teachers and students of Los Banos school ended their 11-day journey of studying and working at VPCTTT, they performed very well when participating in classes, exciting activities and experience at the school with students and teachers. Let's take a look back at the memorable moments over time


Day 1: Arriving in Vietnam, you have enjoyed Pho, a famous dish typical of this beautiful country

Day 2: Lao New Year - the traditional New Year of Laos, you are immersed in the music, interesting games and exciting water splashing customs with students from many countries around the world.

Day 3: The signing ceremony between the advanced program office of Agricultural University and Los Banos High School was held in the presence of students and teachers.

Day 4: The first lesson at lecture hall D, students learned basic knowledge about morphology of food, physical and structural features of food, factors affecting size and shape of food. …

Day 5: To learn  about Vietnamese history, the students participated in a tour of Ngoc Son Temple, Hanoi Old Quarter, ...

Day 6: The next day, at the research area of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Technology, students experience making kumquat essential oil with the guidance of teachers in the industry.

Day 7: Continue the journey with the experience of visiting the museum of Vietnamese ethnic groups

Day 8, 9: Accompanying school activities, students participated in an exciting international festival with a unique dance performance, interesting games, and traditional dishes of Philippines

Day 10: on the last experience session, students can practice cooking and enjoy Vietnamese food with AEP students. 

Day 11: after a series of 10 days of experience, on the 11th day, you all had a review session and received a certificate from the school