13 Jul 2023 AEP Administrator

Recently, on June 20th and 21st, the AEP students participated in a practical trip for the Sustainable Tourism Development course to Thái Hải Ecotourism Area and La Bằng Tea Hill. This renowned destination attracts not only domestic tourists but also a significant number of international visitors.

The trip was guided by Professor Ignatius P. Cahyanto, a lecturer from Louisiana University, USA. Although it lasted only 2 days, AEP students had memorable experiences and gained valuable knowledge.

During the practical trip, the students had the opportunity to engage in various activities over the course of 2 days, as follows:

Day 1: Thai Hai Ecotourism Area

Visit villages and explore the traditional culture of the Tày ethnic group. The traditional Tày villages vividly recreated the culture, history, and traditions of this ethnic group, allowing students to delve deeper into their heritage. Experience the flavors of tea, bánh gai (sticky rice cake), and specialty wines. The traditional local delicacies provided an exciting culinary experience.


Day 2: La Bang Tea Hill

Share insights with the Chairman of the La Bằng Cooperative on the formation and development of sustainable business models.

Interact with tea farmers and gain a deeper understanding of the tea harvesting and cultivation process.

Visit the production and packaging facilities of tea products, including Hồng trà (Red tea), bánh chè lam (green bean cake), and matcha candies.

And of course, capturing beautiful moments through photographs to preserve the wonderful memories of this journey.

We hope that this real-life journey will provide additional motivation and encourage the learning spirit of AEP students even more