10 Mar 2024 AEP Administrator


Yesterday morning, on March 9th, 2024, at the football field of Nong Lam Arena, the SPORTS DAY event was successfully held. With enthusiastic participation from 8 teams representing 4 high schools in the Philippines (including TRCS, LSIHS, DMRMINHS, and CDLB) and AEP students (coming from diverse countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, etc.), the atmosphere at the event became vibrant and exciting.

With enthusiastic participation and team spirit, the teams joined together in 4 activities, including tug of war, kumquats game, sack race, and water game. Emotions and excitement spread throughout the field, as each team poured their hearts and efforts into every minute of competition.

And after the thrilling matches, we discovered the top 6 outstanding teams:

- The first prize: NIGERIA TEAM

- The second prize: PHO REAL

- The third prize: SELECT ARROWS

Additionally, 3 consolation prizes were given to: BANANA CUTE; PRINCESS TEAM; MAIS NA KITA

However, it cannot be denied that each team has demonstrated dedication and excellent teamwork spirit while participating in SPORTS DAY activities.

SPORTS DAY isn't just about victories and awards, nor is it solely an opportunity for training and improving health. SPORTS DAY is also a chance for students and young people to interact, connect, and share their passion for sports, as well as to make new acquaintances and friends. Hailing from diverse countries, they have created a space of diverse and exciting cultures, while showcasing the spirit of integration and exchange on the sports field.

Let's congratulate the success of SPORTS DAY and reminisce about the exciting moments in a meaningful sports day. SPORTS DAY has proven that sports are not only about health and competition but also about the spirit of solidarity and integration. Congratulations to all participating teams, and let's hope that we will continue to achieve more success and memorable experiences in upcoming sports events.

We hope that this event will continue to be held annually and develop in the future, bringing meaningful experiences and memorable moments for everyone involved.