Swedish students in the short-term exchange program

21 Apr 2015 AEP Administrator

Recently, the Advanced Program hosted a delegation from Linkoping University, Sweden to work at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. Leading the delegation are Mrs. Karin Gibson, Head of International Cooperation, Linkoping University, and Mr. Paledal Sören Nilsson, an environmental consultant of the University and environmental engineering of Tekniska VERKEN Company. The delegation had a meeting with representatives of TN University of Agriculture and Forestry and International Training and Development Centre to discuss opportunities for cooperation in scientific researches, projects and lecture-student exchange between the two schools. At the meeting, representatives from both schools introduced to their school and suggested opportunities for cooperation in the future. Representative of Linkoping University expressed satisfaction about the cooperation with Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry and promised the greater cooperation in the future.

Welcome the delegation from Linkoping University, Sweden

In this time, two students, Zefane Olli Sammalisto and Zanna from Linkoping University, will study and research in the environmental field for 2 months. Although Olli and Zanna have just been in Vietnam for over one week, they had a lot of experience in Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. Along with the students in the Advanced Program, Olli and Zanna explored the campus, the tourist attraction and community life of ethnic minorities in Thai Nguyen.

Explore the lives of local people in Thai Nguyen

Olli is tied a thread at his wrist by an AP foreign student to get good luck in Bun Py May Festival (a Laos festival)

Discover Nui Coc Lake, a famous location in Thai Nguyen

Olli and Zanna also went to Song Cong, where they with the AP students will research in waste water treatment and biogas manufacture, one of the areas Sweden is leading in the world. With the help of the AP students, Olli and Zanna discussed the environmental issues with local people and gave advice on what improvements can be done here. In the next two months, the plan of two Swedish students has been arranged with full activities: learn and research, communicate with students at the university and visit the tourist attractions in Vietnam. It will be exciting and useful things for not only two Swedish students but also the AP students of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.


Visit Biogas model in Thai Nguyen

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