Bài phát biểu của sinh viên Christine Anne Ds. Belen - Sinh viên K45 CTTT trong lễ tốt nghiệp

25 Dec 2017 AEP Administrator

Bài phát biểu của sinh viên Christine Anne Ds. Belen - Sinh viên K45 CTTT trong lễ tốt nghiệp

Never in my real life have I got the chance to see and hear such an extraordinary speech of a student like this one. From the moment she raised her voice, she got me involved every word she talked, even though I should be nearly crying during her speech just because of all the meaningful utterances she made. Not until I made an interview of her, did I realize that she is not a normal student. She has a round face, straight nose, and tanned skin, especially her eyes are always twinkling with intelligence and amusement. She, Anne Belen, is one of the best students learning in Advanced Education Program- Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. She comes from the Philippines. She comes to learn full time in TUAF for 4 years. The speech that she made is on graduation day. 

I’m pleased to introduce you all the speech which I did a little edit so that it can be suitable on its own way. 

( Ha Minh Tuan - Lecture of International Programs Office).

Good morning everyone!

            To be honest when the office told me that I needed to prepare a speech for today, my mind shut down. No ideas were coming even if it’s already 3 days before this graduation. I kept on asking my friends, “What should I say?”, “What should I write?” and they just kept on saying, “Just write what’s in your heart as long as you will make us cry!”. No ideas plus pressured. But even though I’m pressured already, I kept on prioritizing other things because inspiration and motivation were not coming on my way. In other words, I was lost. I kept on thinking, “What will be the most appropriate thing to say on a graduation?” “How can I write a speech that starts with a good morning! And eventually saying goodbye at the end?” Because this will not be just a simple goodbye, it will be a farewell to our university days and teenage life. If you were me, how would you start a goodbye? It’s difficult right? 

            Christine Anne Ds. Belen - K45 AEP -TUAF

Endings are never meant to be completely filled with happiness. In fact, in real life, endings never work out the way we want to – in other words, it’s terrible. Endings are just like parting ways with a friend, saying goodbye to a loved one, watching the last episode of your favorite series or even finishing the last chapter of a good book. Ending is a sort of thing that no matter what you do, you can’t get it right, and today is of no difference. Today, goodbye seems to be one of the hardest words to say. We will now say farewell to everything we have got familiarized with, to everyone who has become normally not a friend, but a family, and to the things we already got used to. Today is the day we will finish a good chapter of our lives, leaving good memories behind.

But each goodbye comes with another hello. Another chapter is waiting for us. Another story will be told filled with a new environment and with different new characters. What we can’t do is living our lives always being afraid of the next goodbye and the coming beginning because chances are, they’re not going to stop. So even though our university life needs to end, at least we gained a new family and memories along the way.

            Aside from goodbyes, this day is also filled with endless thank you. I believe that all of us will not be here if not for a bunch of amazing people that helped us along the way.

            -This one is to the teachers, who took hours of their own time to be here with us.

            -To the teachers who showed passion and gave their best in teaching us.

            -To the ones who tolerated us, especially our noises because we were always so loud.

            -To the teachers who still ask us if we want to have a break time even though they already know that we are always going to say yes.

            -To those who let us sneak snacks in class or let us eat our breakfast and pretended they didn’t see us, although they can hear us eating.

            -To the foreign teachers who were able to teach us subjects in a very limited amount of time, you are all incredible!

            -To the ones who treated us not just as students, but also like friends.

            -To the teachers who developed our skills in various ways and guided our way until today.

-To the teachers who became our inspirations.

Thank you to all of you.

And then there are those lovely extraordinary people, our families and parents.

- This one is for our mothers, who never left our sides during our adventure here. Who always understood us, advised us and gave everything she had. Who always comforted us when we’re down even though they are miles away. Who dried our tears when we felt homesick and hugged us tight every time we had the chance to see them. Who never failed to say “Kaya mo yan!” or “You can do it!” every time we doubt ourselves. Who taught us that we are strong enough to survive.

- This one is for our fathers, who always supported us along the way. Who worked nonstop to bring food to our table and support our needs. Who spent the majority of his paycheck so we can travel out of the country or get a proper education. Who did not mind the struggles and pain of working just to see us graduate today. Who always tried to make us laugh every time we had a chance to talk to them. Who proved everyone the saying, “Not all heroes wear capes!”

To our mothers and fathers, just because we are graduating and will start working soon does not mean the role of the parents ends here. We will always need you no matter how many times we say we don’t. Thank you and we love you.

-To our brothers and sisters, who also supported us with all they could and always cheered us up. Who were there for us through ups and downs. We love you!

Thank you.

-To the staffs in our office who made us feel various emotions throughout our university life. Thank you.

-To our dorm manager, Bac oi, who is so kind and never failed to tell us throw our garbage or pay for our electric bills. Thank you.

And last but not the least, this one’s for the bunch of crazy but amazing teens sitting there about to get their diplomas and certifications, graduate and be free and be an adult already.

- To the girl who likes fashion and always dress up like she’s going on a runway.

-To the girls (and even guys) who never failed to take a sneak a selfie during class.

-To our future professional soccer players.

-To the guys who played basketball and badminton even though we had many things to do.

-To the girls and guys who are quiet but are secretly genius.

-To the couples that stayed strong until today.

-To the girls and guys who can’t wait to graduate and get out of here.

-To those who are kind to explain the lessons (especially in mathematics) when the majority didn’t understand it.

-To those who like music and have an awesome fashion sense.

-To those whose laugh is funnier than the joke itself.

-To those who always said that they have no money anymore but kept on eating various foods.

-To our future Einstein’s

-To the girls and guys who have the talent in arts and like drawing and decorations.

-To those who became our impromptu photographer.

-To those who never failed to say the sentence, “They said that if the teacher is 15minutes late, then the class is cancelled already.

-To those who have the loudest voices whenever its break time.

-To those who immediately tried to take a nap whenever the bell rings.

-To those who never failed to go outside and buy foods every break time.

-To the girls and guys who can study a whole semester of lessons in just 2 nights before the final exam.

-To those who are born as performers on stage.

-To the class monitor and treasurer who never failed to tell us the announcements and collect money.

-To the girls and guys who always like to have fun.

-And most importantly, to the whole class of K45 who is one of the greatest classes of AEP. Right?

            I know that we will all just be stories in the future. Our pictures will become old photographs and our faces will change. We will encounter more amazing people someday. We will become moms and dads. We will grow old. But before that happens, let’s enjoy each moment. Let’s treat each day as if it’s the last. I hope we enjoyed our university life and treasure them inside our hearts. Let’s keep on going wherever life takes us.

Class of K45, Congratulations, and goodbye! Oh no I mean, see you later in the future!

Thank you.

Christine Anne Ds. Belen _K45 AEP