02 May 2024 AEP Administrator


In the context of an increasingly interconnected and culturally diverse world, AEP-TUAF is excited to announce the annual event "INTERNATIONAL DAY" will take place on:

1. TimeFriday, May 17th, 2024 (2 PM – 7 PM)

2. VenueFront yard of Hall A – Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry

3. Audience

All students, staff, and lecturers of TUAF, as well as students from other universities and anyone interested in the event.

4. Objectives

The day serves as a captivating multicultural space for everyone to experience a diverse environment with the participation of various cultural backgrounds from different regions and countries worldwide. Here, participants will immerse themselves in the world of diverse cuisines from around the globe through food stalls, enjoy unique melodies, and admire the fusion of traditional culture and creativity in fashion shows.

5. Specific contents

5.1. Food stalls

A culinary corner - where attendees have the opportunity to indulge in the essence of cuisines from around the world through unique traditional flavors and special stories.

(Groups will introduce food products to customers through a fee-based business model)

- Items (encouraged): fast food, beverages, local specialties 

- Requirement: Groups should register by country - each group will be assigned a booth (with provided tables and chairs).

5.2. Fashion show

Every country and region has its distinctive traditional costumes representing its land, people, history, and culture. The fashion show will present a special fashion runway featuring a variety of costumes with different styles, colors, and materials, creating a "living museum" of cultural and historical values.

- Requirement: Each national group nominates one pair of students (male - female) to prepare traditional ethnic costumes.

(Stage directors will guide participating students on how to present)

5.3. Music show

An opportunity to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with outstanding music, from folk melodies to famous songs performed by talented students. The event promises impressive performances that ignite the stage with enthusiasm.

- Requirement: Diverse forms (singing, dancing, rap...), with content suitable for the university environment, complying with the categories allowed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Groups and individuals will be responsible for their music performance, and the group representative will be positioned at the sound system to coordinate the start and end of the music segment.

5.4. Mini Game

Unique games from different regions, traditional folk games, and entertaining games with prizes.



Each country group appoints one Leader. The Leader is responsible for registering group members along with information about the participating sections via the link:

Registration deadline: Before 5 PM, May 6th, 2024.