General introduction

Food Technology is a program which provides fundamental and specialized knowledge of Food Technology field, helping students to be able to organize, schedule production plans, manage production activities,manufacture and handle the techniques and technology of food-manufacturing factories; analyze and assess physiochemical, micro, and biochemical criteria of food products; construct experimenal models, inspect food hygiene; have knowledge about research methods, set up projects, manage and control the projects related to the Food Technology field.

Students have chance to apply learnt knowledge into practicing sessions, job training at laboratories, practical workshops at the university; visiting tours, practical visits,  production internship terms, job training at food manufacturing factories; students are also authorized to register for participating in start-up programs, food-product business initiatives, student scientific researches and research and technology transfer projects implemented by the university lecturers and domestic and overseas collaborators.

During the final year of the studying program, students can register for graduation internship terms which are conducted domestically or overseas at food manufacturing factories, research institutes, universities in the field of food technology for 6 months.

Furthermore, graduated students from the Advanced Educarion Program are ensured with enhanced English skills as the studying program is conducted completely in English. Students also have a lot of opportunities to experience an international environment with numerous students from various countries such as Australia, France, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Annually, approximately 30% of the students achieve the chance to take short-term exchange programs for studying at universities worldwide. 100% of students who wish to do internship in other countries are introduced to factories, universities, and institutes which suit their needs.

The teaching staff at the Advanced Education Program, particularly in the Food Technology program, have all accomplished PhD, Master degrees in developed countries. They are also qualified in their fields as well as the foreign language (English). Approximately 30% of all lecturers teaching in Food Technology program are professors, doctors from plenty of universities worldwide such as in America, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan.

Jobs opportunities

Students graduated from Food Technology program at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry are capable of handling numerous possitions in the fields and related areas:

Students after accomplishing the full courses are qualified to manage techniques, supervision, applying researches, operation in manufacturing fields, ensuring qualities, analyzing and assessing food senses, studying and developing food products, run business of instruments, chemicals, technologies, food products and other food related fields.

Program Summary

- Total studying time: 3.4 years

- Beginning time: August (annually)

- Educational program: Full-time undergraduate

- Number of credits: 120 credits (credits are hoarded during studying periods, short-term exchange programs are converted equally)

- Location of studying and graduation internship: In Vietnam and/or in other countries (pursuant to the choice of students)


I - Basic Education      
1 English 1  ENG 1 2  
2 English 2  ENG 2 3  
3 English 3  ENG 3 2  
4 English 4 ENG 4 3  
5 Writing in Profession: Science AW1 3  
6 Introduction to Public Speaking CMN1 3  
7 Fundamental Principles of Marxism and LeninismI MLP121 2  
8 Fundamental Principles of Marxism and Leninism II MLP132 3  
9 Revolutionary Orientation and Policies of Vietnamese Communist Party VCP131 3  
10 HoChiMinh’s Ideology HCM121 2  
11 General Informatics – IC3  IC 3 3  
12 Introduction to Biology: Essentials of Life on Earth BIS2A 2  
13 Introduction to Biology: Principles of Ecology and Evolution BIS2B 2  
14 General Chemistry CHE2A 2  
15 General Chemistry CHE2B 2  
16 General Physics PHY7A 2  
17 General Physics PHY7B 2  
18 Principles of Microeconomics ECN1A 2  
19 Short Calculus 1 MAT16A 2  
20 Short Calculus 2 MAT16B 2  
21 Fundamental Soft Skills for Students FSS1 2  
22 Elementary Statistics STA13 2  
23 Organic Chemistry OCH231 3  
II - Core Subject Matter      
24 Food Chemistry FCH221 2  
25 Food Chemistry Laboratory  Lab -FCH211 1  
26 Introduction to Food Science and Technology IFT221 2  
27 Introduction to Nutrition INU221 2  
28 General Biochemistry GBC231 3  
29 General Microbiology GMI221 2  
30 Food Engineering  FEN231 3  
31 Fermentation Technology FTE221 2  
III - Professional Education      
32 Principles of Quality Assurance in Food Processing  PQA321 2  
33 Food Microbiology FMI321 2  
34 Food Microbiology Lab FMI321L 1  
35 Science of Food Sensory FSS321 2  
36 Design and Analysis for Sensory Food Science  FSS331L 1  
37 Physical and Chemical Methods for Food Analysis PCM321 2  
38 Food Properties  FPR321 3  
39 Heat and Mass Transfer in Food Processing HMT321 2  
40 New Product Ideas NPI321 2  
41 Food Product Development  FPD321 2  
43 Food Freezing FFR311 2  
44 Food Packaging FPA321 2  
45 Food Higiene and Food Safety FHS321 2  
IV - Recommended unrestricted elective courses      
45 Meat Science and Technology of Meat Products MST421 3  
46 Fruit and Vegetable Processing FVP421 2  
47 Malting and Brewing Technology MAB 421 2  
48 Beverage Technology BVT 421 2  
49 Technology of Tea, Coffee and Cacoa Products TCC421 2  
50 Introduction to Enzymology  IEN431 3  
51 HACCP and Risk Assessment  HRA421 2  
52 Technology of Edible Fats and Oils FOT421 2  
53 Technology of Milk and Dairy Products  MDT421 2  
54 Food Toxicology / Độc tố thực phẩm  FTO431 3  
55 Aquaculture Products Processing/ Công nghệ bảo quản và chế biến thuỷ sản  APP421 2  
56 Community Nutrition / Dinh dưỡng cộng đồng  CMN421 2  
57 Preservation Technology and Processing of Cereal /Công nghệ bảo quản và chế biến ngũ cốc  CPT421 2  
58 Sweeteners and Technology of  sugar  cane / Các chất gây ngọt và công nghệ đường mía   SCT421 2  
59 Experiment Design and Statistic Analysis   3  


Eligibilities for enrollment

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