The lecturer from Germany who inspires AEP students

17 Jun 2019 AEP Administrator

In the orientation of international integration, study environments considerably affect the perception and the development of students. Concurrently, lecturers play a significant role in inspiring, motivating, facilitating and completing both moralities and talents of students. 

Foryears, the Advanced Education Program (AEP) has been welcoming numerous international lecturers and students to deliver lectures, carry-out research, and study at AEP. One of the lecturers who have who have created the most profound impression at AEP is Dr. Nikki Heherson Aldea Dagamac – a lecturer from the University of Greifswald, Germany.

Dr. Nikki - Lecturer from Greifswald University, Germany

 (TUAF) and AEP students by Dr. Dagamac has been the one who strongly inspires and leads many batches of AEP students to the path of scientific researches. The career of this talented young lecturer has been remarked with more than 30 publications.

Simultaneously, Dr. Dagamac also made a tremendous contribution to AEP students’s achievements with his immense capabilities and estimable responsibilities. During the years of 2017 – 2018, the distinguished lecturer has successfully instructed and supervised 4 AEP students. The supervison led to 6 publications on international journals of which AEP students were the main authors. The precious result coming from the dedicated passion of the young Doctor.

Dr. Nikki and AEP student on a field trip

Dr. Nikki Dagamac shared: “For the cooperation and connection between the Vietnamese and German governments which was established in the DAAD project, I was honored to be welcomed in Vietnam and AEP-TUAF. This place has given me an exceptional chance to encounter a new culture and the educational environment of the country which has been traditionally fond of learning. I love researches but I also love standing on the teaching platforms. Everyday, experiencing and working with my students make me love and value my jobs as a lecturer more and more.

Dr. Nikki and AEP students in a pratical class

 “Dr. Dagamac is a dedicated young lecturer who has not only an excellent expertise and the love for his works but also the ability to inspire passions and dreams for both International and Vietnamese students. During the extracurricular times, Dr. Dagamac is also a big brother who cares so much to the daily living of students. He shares a lot of living experiences which are very practical and meaningful’’.

King Joshua Almadrones Reyes – a former student of the AEP

For the young lecturer, the career path of each person only ends when there is no passion, creativity, and the desire to contribute. The passion for researches has always been the motivation for him to constantly strive and utilize all the time and places to do what he loves: researching and being creative. The University of Greifswald – Germany, where he is currently working at, has brought him the opportunity to exhibit his potential and abilities as well as to improve his specialized skills. There are many paths opening in front of the admirable lecturer. However, to Dr. Nikki Dagamac, wherever he is, the most important thing is still an environment for him to express his passion, to dedicate hiseffort, and to create what hiscreativity tells him to do.