20 May 2024 AEP Administrator


On May 17, 2024, the 5th International Day was successfully held on the campus of the Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. The event attracted nearly one hundred students from various countries, both within and outside the university, creating a rich and colorful multicultural space.

International Day provides an opportunity for both international and Vietnamese students to showcase their countries, people, and unique cultural features. Booths displaying handicrafts, traditional costumes, and unique cuisines offered an exciting journey of discovery for all attendees.

Beyond the exhibition booths, the event included many lively activities such as fashion show, traditional song and dance performances, and interesting games. The meticulously prepared performances brought mesmerizing moments for the audience, from the graceful dances of students from Laos and Myanmar, the dynamic dances from the Philippines and Indonesia, to the soulful and vibrant singing and rapping by students from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam. Additionally, there was participation from students of other departments such as the Department of Agronomy, the Department of Environment, and the Department of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine...

One of the highlights of International Day was the food area, where everyone could enjoy traditional dishes from around the world. Delicacies included French Crepes; Perkedel cakes and Es Dawet drinks from Indonesia; Hudi Bafa, Naan Tunu (Grilled Chicken with sauce) and Summer Mojito drinks from East Timor; Turon cakes and Sago Gulaman drinks from the Philippines; Jollof rice with grilled chicken from Nigeria; rice and grilled chicken from Liberia; bread from Zimbabwe; traditional tea from Myanmar; papaya salad, corn cakes, and coconut cakes from Laos; and traditional Vietnamese dishes such as mixed noodles, mixed rice paper, chicken feet with sauce, Vietnamese pyramid rice dumpling, and various drinks. The diverse foods and drinks made the festival atmosphere even more lively and appealing.

International Day is not only an occasion for students to express their love and pride for their home cultures but also an opportunity to build solidarity and mutual understanding among different cultures. It conveys a strong message of peace, unity, and mutual respect among the world's peoples.

The 5th International Day concluded with the joy and excitement of all participants. The event provided memorable experiences, contributing to a diverse and rich learning and cultural exchange environment. Hopefully, these wonderful values will continue to be maintained and promoted in the coming years.

Let's take a look at some beautiful moments from the festival!